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Our Vineyards

The quality and properties of the wine you make are always determined by viticulture. If you don't have a good grape, you don't have a good chance for a good wine.


In our vineyards, which are approximately 90 decares and where the typical Aegean climate prevails, the constant breeze of the Bosphorus air and the temperature difference day and night provide the necessary late maturation and aroma accumulation. In this way, our grapes are ready for grape harvest, also being extremely rich in other important phenolic components. Our vineyards are located at an altitude of approximately 300m above sea level and at the coordinates 38 15 '05.64' 'N 26 32' 26.06 '' D. The olive groves and pine forests surrounding our vineyards also affect our grape quality in a very positive way .


In our vineyards, which generally have a soil structure formed on-site, the amount of organic matter transported as a result of flow from forested hills in the process is also at the desired level. The soil structure is generally composed of clay loam and limestone detached from the bedrock. As a soil reaction, our pH value is around 7.30 and this value increases as the horizons descend from the surface.


Our preferred irrigation modeling is based on measuring the water stress in the samples we regularly take from the leaves. In this way, the exact water requirement of our omca is determined. In addition, it can also avoid excessive or insufficient irrigation, which will negatively affect the quality.


In all of our vineyards, our pole height above ground is 2m. In this way, there is no problem in creating the required green parts canopy. Our planting density is 2m between rows and 1m on a row. Monolateral (single armed) cord and guyot training is applied. Thus, the yield per omca is kept at the required level and product load that will adversely affect the wine quality is not allowed.

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