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Wine is both a very simple and highly complex beverage. While the need for very few ingredients in wine production simplifies the wine, the points to be considered during the production of wine and these directly affect the taste of the wine reveal the complexity of the wine. The wine, which is obtained from fermented grape juice and has an alcoholic structure, has a unique taste when produced organically. It is possible to experience unique moments, especially with the wine representing romance.

Wine can technically be produced with many different fruits. However, the fact that the grape has various features has enabled the grape to be used more intensively for centuries in wine production. There is a substance called acid in grapes. This substance ensures that the wine is preserved much longer. In addition, the high sugar content of grapes directly affects the alcohol content, so the use of grapes in wine production is extremely common. Apart from this, another reason why grape is used in wine production is that grape has the grain that gives the red color to the wine and forms the backbone of the wine. Perdix makes use of 5 different grape varieties during wine production. It is possible to explain these types as follows.

Grape Types Used by Perdix in Wine Production

Cabernet Sauvignon: This type of cultivar is one of the most famous grapes in the world. It is possible to state that the most expensive wines are produced with this grape type. Cabernet sauvignon, which is grown in China and India, is the grape with the highest aging potential. Cabernet sauvignon can last more than 20 years if stored properly. Grape has a taste that changes and becomes more beautiful as it ages; Intense color, medium acidity and red fruit flavor.


Petit Verdot: Petit verdot is a grape that gives wine a bitter taste. For this reason, it is blended with cabernet sauvignon grapes and used in wine production. In this way, a much more unique aroma emerges.

Boğazkere Grape: Boğazkere is Diyarbakır's local grape. The grape, which takes its name from the dryness and sourness of the language, is used in making red wine. Dark red wines with low acidity, pronounced tannins are obtained with Boğazkere grapes. Boğazkere most suitable grape maturation in oak casks in Turkey, softened in barrels and mocha, vanilla aromas wins. This ensures that the wine has a unique flavor.

Pinot Noir: This grape used in the production of red wine is among the most popular grapes in the world. Most grapes grown in France are also grown in Perdix and Urla and used in wine production. Considering that the best wines in the world are produced with pinot noir, it can be understood how important and high quality pinot noir grape is.

Sauvignon Blanc: The grains of Sauvignan blanc grape used in white wine production are medium in size. Having a juicy structure, the grape also has very acidic and aromatic properties. Therefore, the wines produced with this grape have a unique character and quality.

Bornova Muscati : Bornova musket is also a grape variety used in the production of white wine. The homeland of Bornova musk, which is a medium-sized, thick-skinned, low-acid grape variety, is Izmir. In this direction, it is possible to produce wines with a unique taste with Bornova marble, which is produced in its homeland and offered for sale.

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